STICKs & Ice Cream


Enjoy a yummy and refreshing snack in the department store "Magasin" at Kongens Nytorv. Based on a variety of fresh and tasteful fruits, candies, chocolates and toppings, we give you the opportunity to "Create-your-own" delicious happy snack. It is your new ice cream alternative with a personal touch.

Have it with a mixture of banana, marshmallows and Finnish liqourice dipped in genuine milk chocolate and topped with home-made passion fruit coconut. Or be tempted by five fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate or in 60% fine dark chocolate.

It´s all up to you!

Stick it

First you pick five delicious pieces for your stick. Choose between strawberry, banana, apricot, ginger, marzipan, nougat, Finish liquorice and marshmallows.

Dip it

Then we dip your stick in thick hot chocolate of your choice. Choose between milk chocolate, 60% dark chocolate and white chocolate.

Top it

Finally we top your stick with one kind of topping. Choose between coconut, blackcurrant coconut, passion fruit coconut, spelt flakes or chopped hazelnuts.